Community Education

The DC Rape Crisis Center works to build a future without sexual violence both by helping survivors heal and by advancing prevention and risk-reduction through education at all levels. The Center works in the schools and throughout the community helping people of all ages learn about sexual violence, about healthy relationships and sexuality, and about ways that they can advance risk-reduction in their own lives as well as those of their friends, family, and community.

Elementary Schools Programs:

The Center offers presentations on issues of Child Sexual Abuse to students, staff, and parents. Among our programs are:

Good Touch/Bad Touch Presentations: For children Head Start/pre-k through 2nd grade

Appropriate/Inappropriate Touch Presentations: For students in grades 3 through 6

Child Sexual Abuse Presentations for Parents and Teachers

Middle and High Schools:

Multi-Session Presentations: For students in grades 6 through 9, addressing sexual harassment, date rape, and teen dating violence in an age-appropriate and interactive format.

Sister Action Sister Strength Clubs: Intensive, weekly sessions throughout the school year, focusing on self-esteem, gender issues, healthy relationships, sexuality, and more.

In the Community:

The Center provides presentations, workshops and trainings on issues of sexual violence to the DC metropolitan community at churches, community groups, youth centers, schools and hospitals. We also participate in community health fairs.

For resources listed in the Fall 2012 post card (see Publications): Sources in DCRCC Card on Child Sexual Abuse.

For more information or to request a program, contact Melinda Coles at or 202-232-0789.